Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An Okie's Initial Reflections On the Ocean

The churning eddy of silvery green and deep, dark blues,
The ebb and flow of the ocean
Caressing and withdrawing from the shore,
The singing and squabbling of birds as they hunt
For unfortunate mollusks and crabs.
An endless vision of blue;
One can barely discern
The waters above from the waters below.
Life scurrying across the sands.
Life thriving in infinite holes and tidepools.
Life ending:
Shriveling after washing up beyond the sea's embrace.
The gentle pulse of the ocean's heartbeat,
Pounding upon the rocks.
The gentle breeze that carries the scent
Of salt and adventure.
The thunder of impending cloudburst.
The beauty of the sea expressed by countless dreamers;
Now I understand.

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