Wednesday, November 12, 2008

'Cause You're A God And I Am Not, And I Just Thought That You Would Know

I've decided to do a three-part series on the many new theologies I have created since my arrival at SNU. Part one, of course, was yesterday's blog on the ninja trinity and the pirate satanic trinity. Part two is about a god whom has revealed herself to my roommate and I. This goddess is the deity of homework, Scholastica. Glory be her name. As you look upon her icon, join with me in the reciting of the prayer of the goddess Scholastica:


Shane S. said...

Amen and AMEN.

Praise Scholastica!

Anonymous said...

I was stressing about a test, thinking I was doomed to failure, going to die. And this goddess came to me in a vision and said, "It is not yet your time." And I received new strength, and tackled the test with newfound fervor, and aced the test.

So, by divine revelation and prophecy, I have seen this divinity to exist. And now I have a prayer to thank her with. My thanks to you.

The Wanderer said...

Happy to help, O Grand Inquisitor. Just don't tell Torquemada.