Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Ultimate Argument for the Superiority of Ninjas to Pirates

I don't often pay a lot of attention in a certain class that I have. Usually I doodle, or keep track of how many times the professor says things that he often repeats. One day he was talking about the resurrection, and how Jesus appeared to people behind locked doors, and vanished without a trace, and that was when it hit me: resurrected Jesus was a ninja. So, I created a doodle of such in my notebook. This of course led me to the logical conclusion that the rest of the trinity were ninjistu as well, leading me to create the Ninja Trinity. And, if the Godhead were ninjitsu, this led me to the logical conclusion that the antithesis of these three, the Satanic false trinity of the book of Revelation were none other than pirates! So, for your amusement, I have created all six of these beings at this site in full-color glory. Why I have chosen Karl Barth as the false prophet is another story for another day.


Anonymous said...

I see you are wise in the ways of Theology, Wanderer.

The Inquisition said...

I find it funny. By the admission of Barth the False Prophet I can probably guess which class it is that you are doodling in. Perhaps it is Barth's servant at SNU?

The Wanderer said...

I am not at liberty to discuss such things, Oh Grand Inquisitor.